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How Corona Virus affected finding your job?

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 1/12/20.

  1. Tranthanhtien

    Tranthanhtien Member

    Covid-19 is taking place in Vietnam, almost all over the world. It affects the economy seriously, causing many investors and companies to close because they do not have enough capital. I think if translation continues, the risk of employment will be very difficult after graduation. We must prevent the spread of Covid-19 protect ourselves by not crowding, wearing a mask in public, regularly washing hands with soap. To contribute to reducing the spread of the epidemic so that the economy recovers, there will be many opportunities to find jobs
  2. Covid 19 seriously affects our life, we will lose our job and cannot apply for a job.
  3. Corona virus affects my job search and travel to limit contact, so it is difficult for me to go to school and difficult to learn online.
  4. Finding a job now is difficult because many companies have to stop operations, even go bankrupt because of the corona virus.
  5. Bá Lộc

    Bá Lộc Member

    It is really difficult because they have to cut staff hiring costs because the company can not afford to pay them
  6. Hiếu

    Hiếu Member

    Covid19 made much more difficult for me to get a job than usual. Many companies turn down their job applications because they are laying off employees due to lack of funds. It's bad if you don't have a job as covid19 continues
  7. corona Virus affected my job search because companies were shut down to prevent epidemics and therefore unemployed and had no money.
  8. corona virus affects family economics, work is limited. Learning to study online should not respond well to knowledge.
  9. Tiến Phạm

    Tiến Phạm Member

    Covid 19 has greatly affected the country's economy, greatly affecting all industries.Workers are out of work, wages are falling, employee layoffs.
  10. The corona virus affected my work a lot because when there were few people on the street, there were no customers to serve, resulting in heavy loss of money
  11. Quang Vinh

    Quang Vinh Member

    Corona virus was and doing destruction economy.affect extremely large to find a job especially,student after graduation .i scared that i will become unployment
  12. Covid 19 affects the health, my life and the rest of the world. It makes the economy curbed, so my unemployment rate and many new graduates have very low employment rates. . So the job aspirations in the right major that I want to do are quite low.
  13. The situation of covid 19 is increasingly complicated. Schools for students to leave school. Companies are reducing their staffing due to the effects of covid 19. Therefore, a very large photo of job vacancies of new graduates leads to not working with the profession.
  14. covid- 19 greatly affects the economy of our country and the whole country. There are many companies shutting down and some companies limited human resources as an outgoing student this time will. it is difficult to find a job if covid-19 continues. Unemployment rate High
  15. Affecting the problem of finding a job and possibly being unemployed because the quick prevention of covid19 that the company has to close affects our work and family very much
  16. Covid 19 affects my job opportunities quite a lot because with the complicated epidemic situation. Many companies have to cut staff . Some companies have to close resulting in a lot of job vacancies during the season.
  17. The covid19 virus is currently a global epidemic. It greatly affects the company operation. So it will be very difficult when I find a suitable job. If you want to have a good job suitable for your ability, you need to work hard and study harder to compete with this job with many others.
  18. Corona affects a lot of job hunting like many companies because of the spread of the virus that has to shut down or only remain low.
  19. Corona virus has enjoyed a lot on my life as well as work, limiting me to the streets, closed jobs to distance and it made me change my way of life.
  20. Covid 19 caused severe economic losses for companies, reduced employees and did not employ as much staff as it did in the absence of an epidemic. This makes graduates unable to fine jobs and the level of competition in the job increase.

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