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How Corona Virus affected finding your job?

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 1/12/20.

  1. trung tuongn

    trung tuongn Member

    Covid 19 made it difficult for me to find a job because many companies closed and did not hire more employees, which made me fail in a long time.
  2. Covid-19 almost made many companies go bankrupt. The still operating companies were almost limited in recruitment of labor, so it was difficult for most graduate students to find the desired job. I think I may not have a job if Covid-19 continues.
  3. When covid 19 returns it will become more difficult to find a job, affected companies will not offer good offers.
  4. Hải Dương

    Hải Dương New Member

    The 19 Covid pandemic had a huge impact on the demand for job vacancies and it had a huge impact on me. I am going to graduate school and have a need to find a job but my current situation delayed everything and made it difficult for me to study and find work.
  5. covid 19 caused companies to suspend their business so it became more difficult for me to apply for a job, the recruitment requirement of companies was higher.
  6. The corona virus is affecting my life a lot now and will affect a lot in my future work. If the outbreak comes back, the society will be tense, many companies will stop working, affecting my interviews and work.
  7. Trong Thi Le

    Trong Thi Le Member

    Viruses have a huge impact on our lives. It spread all over the country. Making it so much more difficult for us to make money. Even leading to unemployment. Covid is a big hit in 2020
  8. The companies are all influenced by Covid-19, so it is difficult to find jobs, highly competitive, requires high capacity and skills, making it difficult for new graduates to find jobs .
  9. For 1 new graduate, they will look to small and medium companies. The pandemic has a major impact on these companies. so finding work is really difficult.
  10. Vĩnh Kha

    Vĩnh Kha Member

    The corona virus not only affects our work, but it affects everyone that affects the country and all of humanity. So each of us must have a sense and responsibility to prevent corona, in order to return to our normal life.
  11. Corona has made the economy difficult, many companies have to stop operating, the recruitment demand is almost not so finding a company is really difficult.
  12. It hard to find a job at this time. Many of companies closed so that i have to find everywhere for a job, i hope it will get better for everyone safe.
  13. Unfortunately, Vietnam cannot export many goods to foreign countries, many factories will close, leading to unemployment.
  14. The corona virus is affecting my current job. lost job without pay to care for the family.
  15. it made it harder for me to find a job, because most of the operations were delayed, so companies didn't need a lot of staff.
  16. covid greatly affects job seeking. it makes the economy seriously reduce the impact of the company, so it restricts staff recruitment
  17. Châu văn lễ 2

    Châu văn lễ 2 New Member

    The outbreak of the corona virus caused many companies to close and all jobs were stopped, leading to low demand for jobs, competitive competences, and low chances for graduates to apply for jobs.
  18. Nam2110

    Nam2110 Member

    Covid 19 make it difficult for me to find a job. Because many company have been closed and lots of company don't hire staff anymore
  19. Vũ Phúc

    Vũ Phúc New Member

    During this epidemic, companies tend to lay off employees rather than hire, so getting a job now is extremely difficult, especially when the epidemic peaks or the epidemic comes back.
  20. I think that corona epidemic affects a lot of work, many companies go bankrupt and also a lot of people have to quit their jobs, I think I am also one of them.

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