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I can't comunicate in English well

Thảo luận trong 'A1' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 11/11/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    You have been studying English over 10 years, But I can't communicate in English well. Whereas our children could do it very well when they are in grade 1. Could you tell me why? You need to answer at least 10 sentences.
    Phung Nguyen Huynh00 thích bài này.
  2. Because when I was a child, I had less exposure to English compared to today's children. My vocabulary is small and poor, so my understanding is limited, I have less contact with foreigners, so my communication skills are worse than today's children.
  3. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    I mean our children could speak Vietnamese very well when they just 3-4 years old.
  4. When I was studying English, my problem was the vocabulary. I have a hard time learning very difficult words and languages. I am not able to translate words because I do not know well. And my English learning skills are very poor compared to others
  5. Nhật Vũ

    Nhật Vũ Member

    Parents are also quite an important reason. In our time, parents did not really pay attention to the importance of English and considered it just a subject but a subject, as long as we pass it.Parents are now aware of the importance. important English skills and they invest in their children from the very beginning.
  6. Because, I come from the countryside and English was not well invested in the beginning. From the beginning, to start learning English is quite difficult and frustrating, leading to inaccessibility and loss of English roots.Our era is not as well developed as the present time, so learning English and finding references is limited.Because some think that English is not so important, do not invest in the first place, until realizing that English is really important, it is time to start learning again.At this time, children at this time focused on English at a young age, and in the era of global integration, English is a must.
  7. I was born in the countryside so the study condition is probably worse. maybe you don't know but until 6 grade I can learn English. I think English is quite important, but that is what I am very bad about. I cannot help me study in English center. I try very hard to learn English, but my English just stops at grammar because there are no foreigners where I live so that I can Improve your communication skills.Nowadays the education is developing more and more children can learn better.They will have foreign teachers, communication problem will not be difficult anymore. And a child has good English communication skills than we are not too special with the current education development.
  8. Tuấn Đàm

    Tuấn Đàm Member

    1. memory not good.
    2. how to learn not true.
    3. vocabulary not much.
    4. little communication with natives.
    5. Do not waste time out to learn.
    6. Not available a process specific study.
    7. Right regulady listen to english songs.
    8. Regulary read many english books.
    9. Required a friend to gether learn and share.
    10. unfocused into the lesson.
  9. Because in the old days, technology was not modern and learning English was not as popular as it is today. In the past, I only learned English at secondary school. Now, children are smarter, smarter and have been exposed to English at a young age, so children's English is now quite good. With modern technology and many advanced teaching methods, it helps children to quickly acquire English and enjoy learning. In the past, I also did not respect English so I also studied for it. Now the importance of English is very high. So now, since childhood, children have been exposed to English because their brain is now more receptive.
  10. Your English level depends on efforts, living environment and partly due to the education of our country. A child is born when he or she needs to learn a lot of things and when it is interesting he will try to learn. That's it is adapting to the environment and partly forced by parents. Maybe the level is good or not depends on the family economy. For example, I was born and raised in a rural area where the economic conditions are quite low, many families do not even send their children to school. And then did not understand what to learn English for? And I don't care much about it either. Then when I started going to the city to study, almost everyone here had a very good English language proficiency, it was like separating the rich from the poor. Now I see English as something that can radically change people's lives, but I have missed too much and so far I have almost lost my roots in English. I am not as good as the others, as when I wrote this article I needed a lot of Google translation. Those are a few sentences I would like to share with you about me and many people like me. Thank you for listening.
  11. Minh

    Minh Member

    Actuality, two generation were born in other time. Spiritual and material life of two different generations. Therefore, the ability to learn and communicate in English will also be different. On the other hand, people born and raised in the countryside, they have less education and communication with English compared to the city. In other words, they have no conditions. That's my thinks.
    Võ Lê Minh
  12. I studied English for more than 10 years but still could not communicate in English because when I started learning English, I was lazy to translate the knowledge I learned so I did not know what they mean and that led to laziness. And today's children practice to be more exposed to English, becoming a habit with growing brains and better exposure.
  13. Because my school starter learning english in 6th grade with little exposure to it, I have poor english communication
  14. Hiếu

    Hiếu Member

    Becuz I was born and raised in the countryside. Until secondary school(11+ yo), I have just learned basic Eng. Not as u, learned Eng since kindergarten with good study conditions, young and dynamic teachers, and foreign teachers. But while, my teacher is older, teaches a stereotype, books. And the internet in this time is difficult to access to find references. ANW, I have 10 years of knowledge base, so communication practice is not difficult to try.
    Vo Trung Hieu
  15. Because when we were going to school. We do not focus on learning English, do not know the importance of English to work and do not learn English vocabulary. Besides, we have not been exposed to English as early as today's children. We only started learning English in 6th grade, and children today have started learning English from grade 1.That makes our children able to communicate in English better.
  16. because I was born in a poor, windy countryside all year round. I only had access to English since 6th grade. At that time, the internet did not develop, it was very difficult to find study materials. gradually lost knowledge about this subject. Now, children have been learned at 2 3 years old, so learning English is easy.
  17. This is my subjective opinion, don't be sad about [​IMG]it. But I think the school's way of teaching English is not very effective. It is important to get scores on theoretical tests, but pronunciation or communication has never been that strong. As you know, the ultimate purpose of learning a foreign language is to communicate. Of course, part of the fault is myself.
  18. Because 10 years ago, I was still studying in the countryside, I did not have many advanced learning tools like smartphones, and I was only important to learn grammar but not good at vocabulary, not good at listening and broadcasting Yin, reflexive communication, study stiffly, so for 10 years I have not been able to communicate well.
  19. I can not communicate in English well, because first of all, i have just learnt international language from the age of 12, it's so late for me to acquire another one but not my mother language. Another reason, while i have studied in school, i just focused on the Writing and reading skills so it's difficult for me to speak and listen to English. Besides, i just learnt forms of grammar, vocabularies,...by heart. Especially, i considered that i pronounced almost of english words wrong, i found it hard to improve it. Next reason, i remembered that i was so lazy to review vocabularies, and learnt them by heart. Finally, English is a language which is not easy, and anyway, i felt not simple to be receptive
  20. I have been studying English for a long time and I still cannot communicate in English well perhaps because my learning style is not correct. Since childhood, my teacher always told me to copy new words 10 times, 20 times .... I did but I learned English was still bad. Sometimes I took my English to study like a literary subject, I kept reading it over and over to memorize and the next day I forgot. Then I took out the grammar part of the sentence to learn like math formulas, but when applied in practice, it doesn't work. I have to look back on English more properly. This is something that needs to be practiced every day as a habit to master.

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