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I can't comunicate in English well

Thảo luận trong 'A1' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 11/11/20.

  1. Because English is so difficult, we have to practice every day that takes 2 or 3 years. So if we want to study well, we have to spend time on English.
  2. I started studying English in 6th grade. Learning with it I find it very difficult. Because all of a sudden there is a new language in the subject. At that time I was young, so I didn't know its importance, so I only studied through speakers, studied to deal with. Until I was in high school, I realized its importance would be very beneficial to me in the future. As the common language of communication around the world, there was a lot of benefit to my later work . But because I did not study at first, now I lose my basic knowledge of English. Until now, I find it very difficult to communicate with others in English in life and work. Currently, I am studying a language I should have learned in the past. I wish time could come back so I can start over with it well.
  3. I don't really learn English well. English was not as important as it is now. we just study and see it as a normal subject. The next generation English is very important so our children learn very early so the basics will be better
  4. because I come from the countryside where English is something new so English is not popular yet, but today English is widely distributed and popular since the early days of first grade. Children have already learned English so they are exposed to English quite early and we are only until high school to learn about this language so children are better at English than we can spent 10 years learning English
  5. My problems with learning English are vocabulary and grammar.English are vocabulary is quite a lot and one word has many meanings, I cant't remember much and sometimes confuse one word with another.
  6. I have been studying English for a long time but my vocabulary is not available so it is difficult for me to communicate in English.
  7. Tranthanhtien

    Tranthanhtien Member

    However, I have been studying English for ten years but when I started learning English it was very rudimentary and dry. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, children can now access and learn through the internet, children can study at school or at home through English teaching applications, they Knowledge of English was earlier than me, so the children had better English communication skills than me.
  8. Tiến Phạm

    Tiến Phạm Member

    If you are not good at English, go to English language centers near you. First, learn to familiarize yourself with new words, pronunciation with native speakers.
    Regularly go home to practice alone. Over time you will be good at English soon.
  9. Because I always hesitate to talk about communicative English, I only study grammar to take the test. Learning vocabulary, the school day, no school day will be easy to forget, leading to limited English communication. not in the habit of learning English every day. There is no clear goal orientation in the learning process.
  10. Nhatm1nh

    Nhatm1nh Member

    Because for 10 years I have not studied English hard. I do not have a proper way to learn English and I do not like English very much, I am a1 student so I spend more time in natural subjects. But mostly because I'm lazy, the ability to memorize vocabulary is not good, I don't use dictionary often to learn English.
  11. Võ Minh Trí

    Võ Minh Trí Member

    If you study English for 10 years and can not communticate well
    Maybe you don't focus on English or you don't pratice very ofte and the capital knowledge at your data is aslo limitied when it
  12. If we want to learn English best, we have the following ways: Make friends with native speakers, Find classmates, Use practical English resources, Set realistic goals ........
  13. I can't speak Einglish well bacause I lost the basics from the begining. I don't have the proper laerning method. Learn first, forget later, only a few days will forget all the vocabulary. Do not mind learning. Due to the time when student were still giddy and did not take the time to practice, their proficiency remained weak. Not realizing the impotance of Einglish so I didn't pay attention to it. Today is children are often allowed to learn Einglish from their parents very early, even there are 6 year old children who can communicate in English. I wish that in the past I worked harder to study English, now maybe my job will be more favorable.
  14. You have been studying English over 10 years, But I can't communicate in English well. Whereas our children could do it very well when they are in grade 1. Could you tell me why? You need to answer at least 10 sentences.
    I have studied English for more than 10 years, but I cannot communicate English well. While our children can do that very well when they are in 1st grade, there are many causes for this problem. First, we live in a different era from what they are now, which also makes the education two generations receive also different. Second, I study English mainly in reading and writing, a small part in listening and speaking accounts for very little. Children learn mainly to hear and speak more, so they can communicate better. In addition, they can watch English books, stories or movies, and even chat with foreign tourists in English at a young age, which enhances the children's English speaking level.
  15. because I have no interest in learning English , I often does not concentrate while studying ,not following the teacher's request , often absent from intensive English classes , don't spend a lot of time learning English , not doing homework , and I considered it an unimportant subject .
  16. Cù Tấn Kha

    Cù Tấn Kha Member

    Because the current generation is more developed than before and the current curriculum is also much different. When I was a student, the English language program taught me only about grammar and communication did not, but now I taught grammar and communicated together.
  17. Trong Thi Le

    Trong Thi Le Member

    Part of the reason is that we haven't tried hard to lose the original part. English is something that is very difficult to learn, you must learn every day to communicate well English. Anyone can do that if we will study and try
  18. Previously, English was not used much, especially in the countryside. Now, English is the second language in Vietnam, there are smart devices such as smartphones, ipads, laptops, and children are now much smarter so children learn English very well.
  19. Ngô Chí Bảo

    Ngô Chí Bảo New Member

    Because less exposure to English and we often learn English with our eyes rather than with the ears and mouth
  20. Bá Lộc

    Bá Lộc Member

    Because my ability to practice is not good and confident, so the English communication with myself really not get good results.

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