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What is your personality?

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 10/11/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    What is your personality? you could explain it by taking a detailed example.
    Phung Nguyen Huynh00 thích bài này.
  2. trung tuongn

    trung tuongn Member

    My personality is humble, because it doesn't make sense to speak with words, but to act with results.
  3. Personally, I am a very easygoing person and very forgiving of others
  4. My personality is to always do my own thing, have my own point of view and don't like ties.
  5. My personality is honest. I'd rather lose my heart than feel wrong and not say. For example, I see my friend cheated on the check, I have to remind you, not let him continue to be wrong.
  6. My personality is gentle, quiet, knows how to do housework, and at work is always careful and agile to solve problems in the best way to help us have more time to do the work that we want
  7. My personality is quiet, I am quiet, which makes me not have many friends. It seems that this personality is pretty bad I want to change it too.
  8. Tranthanhtien

    Tranthanhtien Member

    My personality likes to be clean and tidy, for example I shower and wash three times a day
  9. My personality is quite erratic. I can be very enthusiastic about the people around me, but also get irritated without reason.
  10. My personality gets along with people because when speaking with me people will be happier and easier to get along with
  11. I think my personality is friendly with people, quiet and rarely hot-tempered.
  12. I am very funny and humorous, for example in a talk I am always the focus of attention for everyone because of the humorous words that are funny.
  13. I am a multi-personality person. sometimes sociable and cheerful but sometimes quiet and quiet.
  14. I get along very easily but sometimes have a temper.
  15. My personality is a bit hot, but I don't let the little things in my heart
  16. Tiến Phạm

    Tiến Phạm Member

    Hasty, ,telling little and live rather introverted.
  17. I am an energetic and enthusiastic person. I regularly participate in school activities.
  18. I have a cheerful personality, easy to socialize with people and very friendly. For example, at the beginning of the year in college I made friends with many classmates
  19. My personality is coldly taciturn. That makes the people around me uncomfortable with me because I don't ask them what to say and they get angry with me.
  20. I usually smile and talk to people. When I go to work I will talk to everyone, I want to get along with everyone and help each other at work.

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