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Analytical Skill

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 22/10/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    Can you give me an example of your Analytical Skill?
    Note: Give me your real example, not using other examples or copy from any source. Thank you!
  2. Can you give me an example of your Analytical Skill?
    Note: Give me your real example, not using other examples or copy from any source. Thank you!
    I take an achievement test at the end of the semester. First, I will carefully read each question in the exam, then choose the easy ones first, and the harder ones will do later. I will analyze each question one at a time, consider what quantities the test has given and tell us to find out or calculate what. Thanks to my analytical ability, I easily got high marks in those competitions.
  3. Văn Nam

    Văn Nam Member

    Can you give me an example of your Analytical skill ?
    Before analyzing a certain problem, I often go to the internet to read many articles related to what I look for, summarize and list important information, find solutions in everyday life, focus and exercise them in the most scientific way.
  4. always analyze every detail of the problem, like in a football game I usually analyze the opponent's play style to find ways to limit the opposing team to score and make it easier for us to score.
  5. Trần Công Hoeesu

    Trần Công Hoeesu New Member

    When I have to analyze a problem, I will look closely at what that problem is related to and how it affects my life or not. Then I will analyze each of the components in that problem for better understanding, and finally can offer suggestions to solve that problem.
  6. For example, my friend was angry with me for no reason. First of all, I'm always calm, I go find out what its story is, its cause, why is that? . And analyze whether the problem is really complicated or not, what did I do wrong, or just a few reasons. I will meet him and the two will analyze the problem very clearly what I did, and what he did. And then it will be resolved smoothly.
  7. ManRiO

    ManRiO Member

    when there is a problem about something! I am not going to do it immediately, I spend 5 minutes or 15 minutes analyzing it! what needs to be done first and needed, then do it first and follow the order I have analyzed!
  8. NguyenGiaHuy

    NguyenGiaHuy Member

    Before I solve a problem I usually review and analyze the problem thoroughly and pre understand the information through knowledgeable and knowledgeable people or some sources of information from the internet and so I have. Can problems in the most optimal and effective way
  9. When I have a problem that is difficult to solve, I usually break down the problem and analyze related things to best solve the problem.
  10. Bá Lộc

    Bá Lộc Member

    When i have a problem i ofter ask my friend and break down the incident to do solve each minor problem
  11. 5W1H method
    -I have a lecture in electrical engineering and I have to give one next week
    -In my presentation there will be my teacher and classmates. and I have to make the teacher happy with my presentation.
    -Presentations take place in our classroom.
    -I have a week to prepare and complete it perfectly.
    -First I system and shorten the information to make the presentation more concise and easier to understand. Then I go online to find more illustrations.Finally, I check my presentation again after I finished into it.
    -I have to pass this presentation if I don't want to pay extra for it.
  12. Nhật Vũ

    Nhật Vũ Member

    Tên: Trần Nhật Vũ
    Lớp: CDDDT 18DE
    Into the high school graduation exam. I have applied the herringbone method to literature. it helps me memorize faster and earn enough points from the main points of the lesson.
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 22/10/20
  13. Nguyễn Thành Nhân CĐ Đ ĐT 18 DE
    when I have problems, I need to find out some information about them and analyze whether the problem is right or wrong and solve them in the best way.
  14. 2 months ago I played the soccer final, in the match I saw the opponent was quite small and physically weak so I used my physical advantage to win that match
  15. When I solve a problem, I collect data and information about that problem to solve it. take advantage of what I have to deal with the difficulties I face
  16. Tên Võ Đoàn Minh Trung
    Lớp CDDDT18DE
    -First we have to understand what the problem is.
    -next we analyze the problem in many aspects(positive or negative).
    -From there we begin to consider what is important and unimportant and simplify it.
    -We should not look from one perspective to judge things, but to look from many different perspectives.
    -From what we have analyzed the problem comes up with a reasonable resolution
    -Finally, try to fix that problem in the best way.
  17. When I encountered a rather difficult situation, I spent a few minutes analyzing what the difficulties were and solving the problem in the simplest way.
    Đặng Thành Đạt CDDDT 18DE
  18. For example a problem I can analyze it in many aspects, find many different solutions and then summarize the most effective solution. I can optimize that problem with my analysis.
  19. When I have a problem that is difficult to solve, I usually look online for in information related to that problem and then break down each problem and breakdown to solve the problem perfectly.
  20. While i'm analyzing to be solve , i need to sort the difficultly of the problem from easy to difficult ,then work through each problem until it done. I do not lose my temper too when the situation is difficult but will deal with it perfectly and gently

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