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Change your lifestyle to get a job

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 10/11/20.

  1. Vũ Phúc

    Vũ Phúc New Member

    I will not change it if it violates the law, violates morals and the rules of myself. So if you make me drink beer, what I change is to change the company. Because it's toxic, Donald Trump said.
  2. I can change my lifestyle for this job if it helps me develop my skills in the future.
  3. Minh

    Minh Member

    Of course. Only it is useful and convenient for me, I will change.
    Võ Lê Minh
  4. If it was for work that I had to change my way of life, I would be willing to change but if for another reason it was bad for my health I could not
  5. Nhatm1nh

    Nhatm1nh Member

    Of course, I might stop playing games if my job doesn't allow me, because my biggest wish is to make a lot of money.
  6. If that's the case, I have to adapt to it already
  7. Văn Nam

    Văn Nam Member

    I will change my lifestyle, if it makes my job better and does not affect my health.
  8. Avoid the focal point and think for the better tomorrow.
  9. I think I can do it. If I change my lifestyle, I will have a good job and a good salary to take care of my family. But I will try not to affect my health and my family.
  10. Tuấn Đàm

    Tuấn Đàm Member

    of course it is
    this life has so many to match with circumstances
  11. Võ Minh Trí

    Võ Minh Trí Member

    i think will practice drinking so that i can commuticate with my partner, because if they drink but i don't drink, the job seems more difficult
  12. If the company gives me this. I will try to make the company more developed
  13. If you give this job to me. I will try to adapt my lifestyle to accommodate it
  14. If that happens I will switch jobs. It was too much for someone who couldn't drink beer like me.
  15. trung tuongn

    trung tuongn Member

    I think I can change, I can't drink much but I will drink a little so that I can have fun for both parties.
  16. will change a little when the case requires me to do it but it will not affect my private life
  17. Huỳnh Xuân Tùng

    Huỳnh Xuân Tùng New Member

    Of course, I will try to change my lifestyle to suit my job
  18. I can change it to make my job better. If the change isn't too big for my life, I change it to meet my job.
  19. Cù Tấn Kha

    Cù Tấn Kha Member

    I will try to put my best efforts to bring success to the company, but if I do not drink much beer, I will drink less and use affection to discuss with customers, persuade customers with other things, not necessarily must drink a lot of beer.
  20. I will change my lifestyle to adapt to the nature of work

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