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Change your lifestyle to get a job

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 10/11/20.

  1. I need to change my lifestyle more scientifically to find a better job.
  2. If I give the job to me, I will change my lifestyle to adapt to the working environment.
  3. If I give you this job, will you change your lifestyle?
    Ex: You drink beer not good but the company wants you to do that with their customer. Will you change your lifestyle?
    If you give me this job, I will change my lifestyle a bit to match the requirements of that job.
    Example: I don't drink beer well but the company wants I to do it with their customers, I will practice drinking so I can communicate with them.
  4. If the nature of the job forces me to change, I will change it accordingly, but not completely, but just change my heart to be able to integrate with the job.
  5. I'm sorry but if i have to change my lifestyle for the job i can't, it not me and i can get troubles with that, it's better to be yourself.
  6. I don't think so. Because it's not within my range
  7. I will change according to company as it is beneficial for all parties. But to a certain extent and I will have a way to convince customers not to necessarily solve every problem with alcohol.
  8. I can make changes to suit the situation if it's not illegal.
  9. Of course, I will change myself to fit my job.
  10. Hiếu

    Hiếu Member

    Yes, I will change my lifestyle to be suitable for the working environment and to get better performance.
    Vo Trung Hieu
  11. I can change my habits for work, but change for a worse way I think that's impossible
  12. I will try to adapt to the job and if it is not too damaging to my health
  13. If you give me this job, I will do my best with all my expertise. As for the wine to receive guests, I will still communicate with my ability. I've always lived my stance.
  14. If the company assigns me this I will try to change because this is a benefit the company is also beneficial for me that is more likely to communicate. Maybe there are negative things I can't, that can affect my health.
  15. Work is work. Lifestyle is a way of life. I will try to do my job well. And will live well with my lifestyte.
  16. I will change my lifestyle to do my job better, but not so that we give up our good qualities, but we should use those qualities to better suit our work.
  17. Trong Thi Le

    Trong Thi Le Member

    If you give me the job, if the job is right I will try to get it done.If it is too serious for me then I won't finish it
  18. Make lifestyle changes to have a healthy lifestyle. Once we have a healthy lifestyle, we will gain many achievements at work. From there we will find a suitable job.
  19. Yes, I will try to change my lifestyle to fit the job
  20. Quang Vinh

    Quang Vinh Member

    If you give me this job, i will change my lifestyle. if the company wants me to drink beer with their customer,so i will drink ,but has to low level.

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