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Describe your University/College

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 29/10/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    Hi interviewee, I heard that you have already graduated from a very well-know technical college in Saigon. Could you kindly tell me more about your college in about 10 sentences. You can talk about how famous your college is, what specials/ happy memories do you like best, How you proud of your college, How student friendly is and so on. Please finish your homework on time.
    Phung Nguyen Huynh00 thích bài này.
  2. I am proud to be a student at Cao Thang College. A college has a very good learning environment, the faculty always help students in times of difficulty. The school has both electronic and mechanical engineering majors with ABET certification. The school is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, convenient for students to study by bus.
  3. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    could you tell me more about another aspect?
  4. Trần Công Hoeesu

    Trần Công Hoeesu New Member

    The college that I graduated from is Cao Thang Technical College. A rather famous school in Saigon with a long traditional history. My school is divided into two levels that are colleges and vocational colleges. College of majors have all 9 majors and colleges with 10 majors. Although my school is a technical school with a majority of boys, there are also a number of girls who also attend my school. Those girls might be called the flowers in my school. The teaching techniques of the teachers in my school are very good, helping us to understand better and have more experience when going to the workshop. When I was in school I was very sociable and always talked to people around me so that I could exchange useful knowledge with them. In the environment while studying and practicing at the workshop, there are always useful activities to help me expand my experience while still sitting in school
  5. My school is located in the heart of the city. The school was founded a long time ago and has a lot of people studying it and has been very successful. As one of the schools that companies and corporations look forward to when students graduate because almost everyone studying here is very good and hard working. Everyone here is very friendly and united. The memory that reminds me the most is the 14-day military tour. I am very proud of the school I am studying because it gives me a lot of knowledge, experience as well as soft skills. I will recommend this school to everyone I know because it is so good.
  6. Vĩnh Kha

    Vĩnh Kha Member

    I used to study at Cao Thang Technical College. The school gave me a lot of memories and gave me a job as good as I do today. A school of tradition and history, trained for generations of good students. I love this school, forever a part of my student memories.
  7. Cù Tấn Kha

    Cù Tấn Kha Member


    I am a graduate student at Cao Thang Technical College. It can be said that it is the highest quality vocational training college in the South. The scope of vocational training is diversified, improving the training quality to be consistent with the present. Planning to build a spacious, clean and beautiful school campus, investing in modern training equipment. There is a tradition of patriotism, solidarity and proficiency that has been continued and promoted. Implement international 5S standards. Students always strive and strive in learning. Along with being positive in learning, students are also creative and eager to learn.
  8. The school I am studying is the Cao Thang Technical College, a school that has been around for a long time and has the most developed years in terms of teaching successful and skilled people in our country. My school is a school with many teachers who are very dedicated and easy to understand and have the merit to write many useful stories for the future generations to know.
  9. Tranthanhtien

    Tranthanhtien Member

    - My school is located in the heart of the city. It is in district 1 located near the Bitexco building. My school was established in 1906 and also has many historical figures studying at this school such as great leader Ho Chi Minh. My school has a tradition of patriotism, solidarity and proficiency. What I like is the dedicated guidance of the teachers who helped me when I was in trouble and the friendliness of the students in the school. I am very proud of my school
  10. My school in terms of popularity is not discussed because the influence of the school is huge because the school has been established for a long time, located in the city center, with an extremely strict rule, so it always produces students have excellent professional and professional skills and something special is that the time the school starts at 6:30 gives students more time, and is famous for its school uniform. During my time at school I have many memories at school such as drinking water around the school but having to drink while running because I'm afraid the city will catch me, and my military school days in Dong Nai. I am proud of my school because every graduate student has a job because of the extremely good training regime. the student friendliness is extremely good and always helps each other enthusiastically if needed.
  11. Tiến Phạm

    Tiến Phạm Member

    My school is located in the center of district 1 in Ho Chi Minh, every year the school welcomes about 3,000 new students each year from different professions, so almost every school day is terrible traffic jam, around the school are Spontaneous eateries with many delicious dishes with very cheap prices.Each day the school is divided into 3 lessons: morning, afternoon and evening. Usually, I only study supplementary English at night. Because it is a technical school, the school has very few girl students (a bit sad).Since I have graduated, I want to message the new students that the entrance exam English of the school is not very hard, and so participating in the awards organized by the school is fun and quite useful for knowledge. 3 years will be end soon.
  12. The school i attended was Cao Thang Technical college, a school located in district 1, Ho Chi Minh city. The school was attended by President Ton Duc Thang, currently has 2 majors certified by ABET, which are electronics and mechanics.My school also regularly organizes student events and volunteer activities to help others.
  13. NguyenGiaHuy

    NguyenGiaHuy Member

    I' m a high school junior college student. It' s a pretty famous school in the wrong way. The school was established over 100 years. Teachers at school are interested in caring for students. The school is located in the middle of the wrong sai gon center and is close to a very favorable bus for the students moving
  14. My School was the first College to meet the US ABET accreditation standards. In addition, the school also has modern facilities for students to study. There are fully equipped, clean classrooms.
    Especially when studying military, the students experience 10 days of studying at another campus, it feels like going to the actual military, it is also the happiest memory of my course, the last day of the term. military school we had fun and had a small party at the school to go back to school.
    I am very proud of my school because it has almost one hundred percent employment rate for my school. Our students are very friendly with each other and with others when entering the school, always respect their teachers and visitors.
  15. That's right. The well-know technical college in Saigon is the Cao Thang Technical College. It is at 65 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, District 1. I am proud of this college, because when I entered this college I got an ABET in electronics and mechanics and was taught by the teachers are very good in engineering and only behind Ho Chinh Minh City University of Technology in engineering. My memory is having new friends studying, playing soccer, playing games together. And my happiest memory is probably the 10 days of military school in Dong Nai province. Especially, President Ho Chi Minh and President Ton Duc Thang studied at Cao Thang Technical College before joining the revolution.
  16. I'm studying a Cao Thang technical college. it's quite famous in saigon with over 100 years of formation and development.The students here are pretty easy to recognize by their outstanding blue uniform. In your school it will be difficult to find a girl because the majority of students of the school are male.Here you will have to wake up earlier to catch up early in the morning, which helps to train punctuality and discipline for students.Teachers here are quite friendly they are willing to enthusiastically teach you if you need them. The classmates here are quite friendly they are willing to share their learning experiences with others even though we are not too close. The school recently received its ABET certificate, a very honorable certificate for both mechanical and electronics majors.I have been taught the necessary work skills and discipline habits here. Here I have fond memories of my student days for three short but unforgettable years.If you are not sure what to choose a technical school for yourself, I think a Cao Thang technical college is an option worth considering.
  17. Cao Thang Technical college is famous for its long history, established up to now 114 years. It is one of the first vocational schools and the special thing is built by the French colonialists. There is a very high rate of students entering and graduating from school with stable jobs. The teachers and teachers are very enthusiastic, enthusiastic and always interested in students. Every year, there is a movement "student good job" and our school is always in the top. I have a memorable memory to mention is going to military school in 10 days. I have been trained very well in eating, studying and fields sports skills and hours of fun burning with my friends. Very happy and proud I am part of the school and with the blue shirt I am wearing. And even more proud when this school was the place where President Ho Chi Minh and Ton Duc Thang attended. About students, we always care and help each other when difficulties are expressed in the tradition of "unionize, patriotism, good job" of the school.
  18. My school is quite special compared to most other schools. Our schedule is arranged by the school, it's like work, I don't know how it will turn out. Especially at my school all the students who go to school must wear uniforms. District 1 school has 4 fronts. Strange that the food around the school is not only cheap but also delicious. It is a college but many call it an ABET accredited university. I really like this school, a memorable place.
  19. I studied at Cao Thang Technical College. it has over 100 years of history.It is a famous school in Ho Chi Minh area. The school has 2 majors with ABET standards: Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical. Students are active, friendly, highly disciplined, condescending to girls. Enthusiastic teachers.
  20. ManRiO

    ManRiO Member

    My school is located in the heart of the city, right at the largest bus stop in the city, my school has four fronts, but what I'm proud of is that the learning environment here is very good, studying with practice almost graduate students there is no unemployment. and especially the field I studied achieved an abet certificate

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