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How to prepare for an interview in English

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi SakuraHna, 18/4/22.

  1. SakuraHna

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    How to prepare for an interview in English
    In order to do an interview in English, preparation is fundamental because it allows you to feel confident. Do some research – find out the history of the company and its mission so you have a general idea about what the interviewer might ask you. In fact, typically they’ll ask you questions to understand whether or not you’re appropriate for the position and for the company in general. The most common questions are:

    • Tell me about yourself
    • What are your strengths?
    • What are your weaknesses?
    • Why would you like to work here?

    Take your time to decide how to answer and be ready to give examples that refer to your past, your training and your previous work experience. But avoid learning sentences by heart – a trick that doesn’t have a positive outcome, on the contrary it’ll make you sound unnatural. If you don’t understand the question, ask the interviewer to repeat it. It won’t affect the result.

    Simulating the potential interview in English is a useful way to help you practice expressing yourself naturally. If you can, find a friend who can play the role of recruiter and ask you the questions, then give you feedback on your answers. Alternatively, you can record your interview simulation to understand which parts you need to improve.

    Pay careful attention to speed and clarity in your speech. It’s important to be perfectly understandable, so speak slowly without letting your nerves take over and accelerating your rhythm, making you sound confused and unclear.

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