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If you are wrong at work, What will you do?

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 3/12/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    Interview: If you are wrong at work, What will you do?
  2. Võ Minh Trí

    Võ Minh Trí Member

    if i do the wrong thing. I will get the error first and find a way to fix the consequences I caused. And I will adjust my style so that the same mistake and the wrong things don't happen
  3. If I do something wrong I will admit my fault I did. learn from experience, why do not make mistakes anymore.
  4. First, i must accept the responsibility i was wrong and find out why i did it wrong, then learn the lesson to avoid
  5. Nhật Vũ

    Nhật Vũ Member

    If I make a mistake I will review where I was wrong and I will make a note so that next time I do not wear the same mistake.
  6. Cù Tấn Kha

    Cù Tấn Kha Member

    I will accept the error and will fix it, it is the responsibility and obligation of a staff member.
  7. Interview: If you are wrong at work, What will you do?
    If I am wrong at work, I will admit mistakes to my boss as well as colleagues, and I will limit this mistake from happening.
  8. Tiến Phạm

    Tiến Phạm Member

    If you do it wrong, then apologize, and try to correct the error and compensate for the damage.
  9. Văn Nam

    Văn Nam Member

    If I make a mistake at work, I will accept the error and correct it immediately, avoiding the error again next time.
  10. If I do something wrong at work I will try to fix it. And make corrections to not make the same mistake again.
  11. When doing wrong at work, first of all you need to acknowledge your mistake and find ways to fix it as quickly as possible. Or when you do not know how to fix it, please report it to your supervisor to find a solution.
  12. Quang Vinh

    Quang Vinh Member

    If I are wrong at work, i will need help from a colleague to volve proplem. then I will buy something to donate with this help.
  13. I make mistakes at work, I will get wrong, find the mistakes to fix them. And take those mistakes as a premise, to learn from my experience later.
  14. I will acknowledge my mistake, find ways to fix it and learn from experience later.
  15. I will gladly admit my mistakes and learn from my experience and correct them.
  16. I must take responsibility for my wrong doing and find out the cause of that action and learn from experience next time
  17. I will acknowledge my mistake. After that, fix and correct that error.
  18. I will atmit mistakes and learn from experience not to make any more mistakes.
  19. If I make a mistake then I get the error and fix it. And I will not justify my wrongdoing because I think it will undermine my ability to do the job and the trust of the company.
  20. If I am wrong in a job, I will try to correct it and get the job done in a short time

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