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Problem Solving Skill

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 21/10/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    Can you give me an example of your problem solving skill?
    Note: Give me your real example, not using other examples or copy from any source. Thank you!
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 22/10/20
  2. Once, i was given 2 projects that need to be complete in a very short time , i thought it was impossible to complete because it was difficult . But after that , i calmed down and divided the project from easy to difficult to easy solve and complete it . After that, i had good pressure working and was more effective when working .
  3. ManRiO

    ManRiO Member

    There was a time when my concrete station had a weighing problem! but the station has urgent and many rows. Station manager asked you to maintain and troubleshoot within 30 minutes! We tested and determined which load cell failed, we changed and completed it in 25 minutes
  4. trung tuongn

    trung tuongn Member

    My topic is low scores on each test. Due to being lazy, I rarely study lessons and homework, in class I do not pay attention to the teacher lecture and take notes in notebooks. the curriculum, listening to the teacher teaching and taking notes carefully and as a result I have enough knowledge when taking the test and achieving the expected results.
  5. Tran Cong Hieu CD DDT 18DE
    When I encounter a problem that makes me difficult, I will sit and think about it and find a good way to solve it, or I can ask the colleagues help to solve that problem
  6. Can you give me an example of your problem solving skills?
    Note: Give me your real example, not using other examples or copy from any source. Thank you!
    I had a big problem in 8th grade. At that time, because I played too much game, I had decline in learning which resulted in much worse performance than I really was. Realizing my mistakes, I solved it by giving up the habit of insatiable gaming. I have done the homework fully and on time that the teacher assigned.
  7. When I was in high school, because I was too passionate about games and giddy, my academic performance declined. In order to improve my academic performance, I have rearranged my study time more appropriately, limit going out and spend less time playing games to focus on learning more.
  8. Now,I would like to talk about the problems I have encountered myself and how to solve my own problems.
    The biggest difficulty in my life that I think I remember the most is that I have to earn money to support myself and take care of my study in Saigon.

    In order to have money for myself to support my life and the cost of studying I applied for a job at a restaurant near the school to work in the evening and on days when I was absent from school.
    In life everyone has experienced difficulties. For myself, the difficulty that reminds me the most, just happened recently is the saline intrusion in the western provinces and where I live is Tien Giang province, which is quite heavily affected by the intrusion. moderately salty. by. It caused serious crop failures in my family and the people here, and high debts. Because of the prolonged drought, my family also fell into debt, unable to pay tuition and living expenses. Every day after school I eat a quick sandwich in time to get to where I work. With my own agility and good communication ability, I am well on the job. The salary I receive and is rewarded monthly for my diligence that I can help my parents to take care of themselves and for their education.
  9. Nhật Vũ

    Nhật Vũ Member

    Tên: Trần Nhật Vũ
    Lớp: CDDDT 18DE
    I used to get a homework assignment, intended to play games with my friends and get work done but ended up forgetting it. In the end, I couldn't finish it on time. I should not withdraw so subjective not to let yesterday.
  10. First, let go of your ego, stay calm and think positively. Analyze the problem and easiest way to do it. If correct, please comment to make the problem better. If it is wrong, you should acknowledge the error and listen to the opinion.
  11. I used to have problems when standing in front of a crowd. I settled by joining clubs in school, participating in social activities and volunteering whenever free.
  12. When I was a freshman, I liked many new games and things in SaiGon, I was giddy, neglected studying and was indebted to many subjects.
    Since then, I have tried to study and do not owe any more subjects.
  13. Last year I had a hard time completing a lot of assignments and course plans in a three-week period. I didn't know how to get started at first, but then I split the work and time myself properly and I got it done on time
  14. About a year ago, my friends and I went out, on the way I had a car crash and head bleeding, I stopped and calmly gave her first aid, and drove her in. hospital. Here I want to say whenever I have a problem, the most important thing I want to say is to calm down and solve the problem properly.
  15. When I first went to Ho Chi Minh city, I had some problems living away from home, including studying and having to take care of myself so I felt very nervous. I thought I couldn't solve it. solving those problems. But my parents and friends encouraged me. then I calmed down and I arranged for study, time and getting used to life to take care of myself. I think when we have a problem, we should stay calm and find ways to deal with them well.
  16. Look at the problem from many different perspectives and perspectives, The ability to analyze problems and situations
  17. Examples of some of my problem-solving skills: First, when I have a problem I find people who know to ask more about the problem. Next, I try to fix it. then, I started to solve that problem.
  18. Minh

    Minh Member

    When I was a student in Cao Thang Technical College. I had a problem with my project, everything was fine until the deadline came. It has an error. I tried and tried, but it was not working. I was so tired and stress. However, I was not give not, I tried more and more, I found and corrected every mistake. Finally, my project was working. Therefrom, I thought " When you do something, do it to the end. Don't give up, let's challenge yourself ".
    Võ Lê Minh
    CĐ Đ-ĐT 18ĐE
  19. The second year I failed the PLC exam, because on revision day, I quit school so I failed once. So I did my best to take the second exam by borrowing the book you copied that day, studying while doing my best to complete the exam and working harder so that I don't have to fail again anymore.
  20. First, when the problem is I have to calmly consider the problem. Consider where the problem was encountered, and start solving the problem of fixing it. If the problem is too serious or too big, I have to seek help from other experts or report to superiors.

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