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Tell me about your working experience?

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 26/10/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    As we know, working experience is the most important key for every success. If someone lacks of it, It's so hard to find the good job with desirable salary. As a student, you have already owed so much experience from working. Could you kindly share it for me and the other interviewers. Thank you very much.
  2. Võ Minh Trí

    Võ Minh Trí Member

    my experience is that at work we need to focus on easy problem solving. solve difficult eyesight, be friendly ,listen, learn from those who have gone before
  3. Nhật Vũ

    Nhật Vũ Member

    Before I give presentations, I often practice speaking in front of the mirror when at home. I study carefully the content I present.
  4. Tranthanhtien

    Tranthanhtien Member

    My experience is that when working, it is necessary to be diligent and most importantly, the attitude of work
  5. My work experience is that when embarking on something, it is necessary to work diligently with the job and perfect the job perfectly but indispensable a proper working attitude.
  6. My work experience is to be diligent, enthusiastic at work, have a serious working attitude.
  7. First, you have to love the work you are doing. Second, you must be diligent, try your best and be creative at work. You must also complete the assigned tasks well. And finally, it is the most essential to keep good relationships with everyone in the workplace.
  8. I have had a lot of part-time work experience in a number of places. I used to work a lot of part-time jobs such as coffee shop assistant, salesman, ... From that, I learned patience, patience at work, hard to explore. study, ... After these studies will help you improve yourself, it is also a foundation to help your main job in the future.
  9. Before the interview you should be calm and confident. Do not get scared before the interview
  10. End of 2019: I work for GHN company (fast delivery) with sorting and moving goods up and down warehouse for 1 month.
    2018: I and my uncle work at Viettel branch with the job of pulling wifi cable during 2 months summer vacation.
    =>Although I don't have much experience in the job I'm applying for. But in terms of hard work, eager to learn, I am very willing.
  11. Cù Tấn Kha

    Cù Tấn Kha Member

    I graduated from college and i am a technical staff. After that, I got used to the construction work and learned from my manager so I have a supervision experience from him and now I can supervise your company's project.
  12. trung tuongn

    trung tuongn Member

    Currently, I work as a barista and I have some experience that is the ability to handle the situation, the ability to talk to satisfy customers, responsibility at work, diligence, agility is also an experience. we should have, especially to be honest at work.
  13. Before I go to work on something, I usually review the problem I need to solve that day and I will give solutions and practical jobs to avoid wasting my time on useless things. so.
  14. My experience is that if you really have a problem, please solve it but the important thing is to stay calm. If you want to settle things smoothly, you must have a cold head
  15. During my summer vacations, I have a specific household electrical job with experience in wiring and wiring for indoor electrical circuits as well as lighting equipment installation.
  16. It's correct. Work experience is key for all of us. But I am a student so I have not worked much so I do not have much experience .. but I know that if I want to have experience, I have to explore, work hard, have conflicts, have difficulties and I solve it and make sure you will have more experience and standards at work.
  17. I feel that if we have worked we must love the profession, we must have a sense of responsibility for it need to try our best with that job which is the experience I feel.
  18. Minh

    Minh Member

    When you do something, may be you will meet the mistake. When I meet the mistake, I usually test my work again to find the error and solve it step by step.
    Võ Lê Minh
  19. My work experience is to break the job up into small pieces and start working
  20. When I start a new job, I always focus on listening to the instructions of those who come before. Try to learn a lot from them and learn from those around you. Always hard at work, trying to complete all assigned tasks. I am always friendly with people so that I always complete my job and improve my work experience.

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