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What are the main responsibilities of Electrical Engineering?

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 15/11/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    Could you kindly let me know "What are the main responsibilities of Electrical Engineering?"
    The more responsibility you answer, the more chance of being accepted. Thank you!
    Phung Nguyen Huynh00 thích bài này.
  2. It is the responsibility of the electrical engineering to ensure that electrical equipment in the workplace is safe and in good working order, and when an incident occurs, can be effectively maintained
  3. Văn Nam

    Văn Nam Member

    The main responsibility of electrical technicians is: Maintenance, construction, installation of electrical equipment, systems for buildings, factories .... Regularly monitoring and repairing the electrical system to ensure safety, quality.
  4. Tiến Phạm

    Tiến Phạm Member

    Main work is designing the required electrical systems. Lighting, maintenance and installation.
  5. The responsibility of electrical engineering is to fill up the electrical system, arrange electric tools, ensure safety for the electrical system, when an incident occurs, conduct quick treatment.
  6. It is the responsibility of electrical engineering to ensure accuracy, safety for equipment and people, and to disassemble and design properly
  7. The responsibility of electrical engineering is: must have a solid knowledge base, rich experience, have a passion for the profession, know how to analyze and give solutions when encountering something, perform well your duties and limit errors when working
  8. Electrical engineers are responsible for inspecting the electrical system to avoid incident and safety firstly, maintaining, constructing, installing electrical equipment, systems for buildings, factories.
  9. the main responsibility of electrical engineering is: accuracy, reasonableness, safety, aesthetics, high responsibility at work,
  10. Minh

    Minh Member

    I think the main responsibility of electrical engineering are : safety, neat and clean, hard work, honest, high sense of responsibility.
    Võ Lê Minh
  11. Phan Vũ Long

    Phan Vũ Long Member

    I think as an Electrical Engineer, the main responsibilities are designing, maintaining and improving electrical system/devices. Also, you need to know about computer operating or engineering software. That just the knowledge. Furthermore, you should have some soft skill like group-working, creative thinking in work, and high sense of responsibility.
  12. Design and study various electrical systems,such as generators, electric motors, electromagnetic or electromechanical equipment,optical cables, photoelectric equipment computer systems, communications systems, instrument, control panels
  13. Main responsibility of technical staff is to repair, maintain, install electrical equipment, works and some electrical systems for buildings, workshops ... to regularly monitor the malfunction of the equipment. electrical equipment or motor maintenance.
  14. The responsibility of an electrical engineer is to have high self-awareness, always complete the assigned work as quickly as possible, focus on the work, ...
  15. -safety first
    - Try to study at work
    - Be careful in measuring and checking
    -Do the things you can definitely do, otherwise it's okay.
  16. The main responsibilities of electrical engineering are: researching electrical problems, understanding and developing more electricity, designing and installing more modern power and reducing costs for users.
  17. Nhật Vũ

    Nhật Vũ Member

    Safe, economical, optimized, responsible for the work you have received
  18. In the Electrical Engineering industry i need to take responsibility in your job and take responsibility for the equipment on which i fix it.
  19. Responsible for modifying the design according to customer requirements, or project requirements. Make the right adjustments during project implementation to deliver customer satisfaction
  20. Directly responsible for the construction site. Find out the cause and how to fix it if working on electrical network maintenance. Monitor device health, compile documents and reports necessary to create applications validated by computation, to purchase devices more economically. In the end, it is also most important to comply with the labor protection rules, which are set forth by the relevant guidelines.

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