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Which company/ type of company do you intend to apply for?

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 5/11/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    Which company/ type of company do you intend to apply for?
    List at least 5 companies/ organizations which you intend to apply for? And don't forget to explain why. All of the reader always want to refer your thought. Thank you!
  2. I plan to apply to a seafood processing company such as Dai Thanh Joint Stock Company, Van Duc Joint Stock Company, A Chau Joint Stock Company, Ngoc Ha Company Limited, Minh Chau Joint Stock Company. I want to pay to these companies because of good working regime, good salary.
  3. Hải Dương

    Hải Dương New Member

    I want to apply to the top technology companies in Vietnam.
    I want to apply to the following companies: Intel , FPT , Viettel , Samsung , LG
    Because employee remuneration policies are very good, high salary, good working environment, high ability to advance at work
  4. I plan to apply to mid range companies or to apply in large buildings in Ho Chi Minh City .
    1 VES limited liability Company
    2 Hoang Phat mechatronic company
    3 Drem Home apertment
    4 The Adora Restaurant
    5 Diamon Place Restaurant
    I choose the above companies and organixations bacause I can meet the requirements of employers so job opportunities will be hight . Stable salary . And because of working in the city , it will limit work away.
  5. I want to join some big companies such as Intel, Samsung, LG ... because there is a modern working environment and the incentives are better and I can gain a lot of experience to develop my skills.
  6. I want to apply to engineering companies with an electronics major.
    companies that I need to apply to: vettle, EVN, intel, Dai Thanh, sam sung
    Because these companies have good wages, good employees, and have the ability to develop in the future, they themselves can learn a lot from the company.
  7. Văn Nam

    Văn Nam Member

    I intend to apply for a cement production company such as Nghi Son Cement Company, Hoang Thach Cement Company, Ha Tien Cement Factory, Saigon Cement Joint Stock Company. Because the salary here meets my needs, there is a suitable job.
  8. I want to apply to foreign-invested companies
    cttnhh coats phong phu
    cttnhh hansum haram
    cttnhh kai vn
    cttnhh semapo vina
    cttnhh jasan
    because the working environment there is professional, the salary is high, the compensation is good.
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 5/11/20
  9. I want to work at a quite famous company like Samsung, Sony because these 2 names are very famous in Vietnam as well as abroad, their machines are quite advanced and the working environment is also very good.
  10. I want to apply to do electrical plant maintainance
    The company i want to enter is thermal power plant , Mazda car company, Mercerdes car company , SamSung company , Vedan factory,...
    The reason i chose these company is that they are large corporations and have higher salaries compared to other companies
  11. I want to work in a foreign-invested company.
    1.Esquel Group
    2.Huu Toan Group
    3.Company Tekcom
    5.Company Redbull
    I want to work in these companies because I want to get a lot of experience and a suitable salary
  12. I plan to apply to work in industrial zones. Maybe I would choose industrial zones close to home like An Hiep Industrial Park or Giao Long. If I have to go outside the province, I plan to apply to Tan Huong Industrial Park or My Tho Industrial Park because I have relatives who work here. They can introduce me to work.
  13. I want to apply to companies specializing in industrial electricity that I have been doing such as companies that are VietFuture Training Joint Stock Company, VTECH Electrical Engineering Company Limited, DONG Joint Stock Company TAM, VINH NAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY, SAM SUNG GROUP, because these companies are in the field that I am following and it helps me a lot later.
  14. I want to apply to big companies like Samsung LG Intel Ha Tien because I can meet the needs of the companies and I can fulfill it well.
  15. Trong Thi Le

    Trong Thi Le Member

    I want to apply to electric cabinet fighting companies ...,
    1. THUAN NHAT IAS Electric Automation
    2. TEDCO Group
    3. Electric Nam Tien
    4. BBE Group
    5. Yabil
    I want to go there because there is a chance to learn and the teachers just help me know more
  16. I plan to apply to some high quality companies like Samsung Company , TNHH Điện - Điện tử 3C Company, Cổ phần Điện BBE Company, TNHH Điện-Tự động hoá A&E Company, TNHH Sản Xuất thương mại MeGa Energy Company. Because those companies are reputable, high salary, suitable for themselves. And ensure qualified support for myself.
  17. Tiến Phạm

    Tiến Phạm Member

    I want to work in a company.
    1.Esquel Group
    2.Compa Tekcom
    4.Compa Redbull
    5.TechO Viet Nam
    I want to work in these companies because I want to get a lot of experience and a suitable salary
  18. I will apply for a job in the hi-tech park. Or I go back to my hometown to work at the power station in the district because someone I know introduces me or I live in Vinh Loc Industrial Park Cau Tram Industrial Park, Phuoc Dong wharf industrial cluster because it is near the countryside.
  19. I want to apply for the position of electrical maintenance of large companies in Vietnam.
    I want to work in big companies like Samsung, FPT, Viettel, lg, intel. Because these companies have good employee remuneration, high and stable salary, protect employees' interests.
  20. I want to register schneider company in hi-tech park.
    List of 5 companies:
    New equipment design and manufacturing center,nidec viet nam corporation limited liability company,electronic limited liability company,Datalogic Vietnam Liability Company,Samsung Electronics Limited Liability Company,...
    because it large corporations of large corporations develop in the production of technological equipment.

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