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Why do you have a job change?

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 7/11/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    Could you tell me about your last job? (which position at which company)
    Which is the main reason make you change your job? (explain why you change your job)
    Note that: It's very unwisely to tell something not good about your previous supervisor/ Colleague. Be yourself and always note that, The Interviewers interview much many interviewee a year, they will easily know your a copy other ideas or not. Copy other ideas is the most mistake you need to avoid. Thank you
    Phung Nguyen Huynh00 thích bài này.
  2. The last job I do is control the running of the fish production line, at Hung Vuong Company. The reason I think working at the company is that the working time there is very long and overtime at night, besides the regime is very little and I do not find it suitable for my job.
  3. Nhật Vũ

    Nhật Vũ Member

    I change jobs because the conditions where I work are not good. It’s far from where I live.
  4. My previous job was as a maintenance engineer at Adora restaurant . After 1 year working, I find that i need to find a new ,more dynamic and developed working environment in order to accumulate valuable experiences on my career path .
  5. Previously I was an electrical maintenance staff in a company. I changed my job because the distant place told me to live.
  6. Previously, I worked as an electrical engineer at a HONG BANG company, but then I changed this job because the company's future working environment was not good, the staff policy was no longer the same. late salary, regular overtime.
  7. Tiến Phạm

    Tiến Phạm Member

    I am not satisfied with the work schedule of the company and the salary that I receive.With the current income, I decided to change my search for a new job, along with finding new experience in electrical engineering own.
  8. My last job is to maintain and repair the electrical system in Da Nhim hydropower plant. Because I'm annoyed with the way my superiors work is forcing me to do too much work than everyone else without any benefit to me.
  9. My previous job was an installation engineer at Tan Huong industrial park. After a long time working, I feel that the working environment here is not suitable for me and often overtime, I need to find a new working environment better to gain more experience for myself.
  10. The last job I did was a boxer for the shoe company.
    The reason I want to change my job is because the working environment is uncomfortable and I also want to find another job that suits my forte.
  11. Because I want to change different jobs to get more experience. I want to improve my skills.
  12. Văn Nam

    Văn Nam Member

    My last job as an electrical engineer in a suitable company. The reason I change jobs to find a suitable working environment, good remuneration policy, high promotion opportunities in the job and most importantly, is suitable for my health.
  13. I want to change jobs because the inappropriate company policy does not have the ability to allow myself an inappropriate division of work affecting my health.
  14. Nguyễn Văn Thư

    My last job was an electrician in the Ho Chi Minh power company.The reason I changed jobs was because during the work I was often exposed to high voltage electricity and climbed very high poles, I found this job dangerous, so I changed jobs.
  15. My previous job was to maintain electricity for the company. I looked for another job because the job I was doing had some jobs that were already stressful due to the nature of the work, now you feel even more stress than you can bear.
  16. I used to be a production line operator at Sai Gon electrical equipment company, I changed jobs because the job did not help me gain more career skills I felt it was not suitable for me and I wanted to choose another company is more convenient for travel
  17. My last job was a cafe waiter, a very good job, with high benefits but the reason I quit it was that my study time did not allow me to.
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  18. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    Are you a real man? Waitress is used for woman. Waiter?
  19. The last job I do is on summer vacation 2, it really reminds me. In the summer of year 1 I went to work there, which is the electrical works in the headvanhai, headnamanh. This job was introduced by a friend from the countryside. But I did it for about a week and I had to take leave for some unacceptable reason: not taking a Sunday break, having no insurance insurance for me and the job is quite dangerous because of climbing scaffolding I didn't have a seat belt so I chose to finish the job.
  20. Vĩnh Kha

    Vĩnh Kha Member

    The last time I thought of work was last month, I was an electrical engineer, working in electrical maintenance for SAM SUNG. He is also in my career, I want to change the working environment and get the help and guidance from my brother.

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