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Why should I hire you?/ How you fit with this job?

Thảo luận trong 'English for The Interview' bắt đầu bởi Hạnh, 27/10/20.

  1. Hạnh

    Hạnh Administrator Thành viên BQT

    Why should I hire you?
    Student must present some keyword as below:
    - Your experience fit with company requirement.
    - Prove that you are better than the others.
    - Show more what you can work than what company expectation.
    - Like you're persuade your girlfriend not break your relationship, you must show to the interviewer your best attitude and enthusiastic.
  2. Because I have many good things such as a good sense of responsibility, working to the best of my capacity, going to work and completing the best assigned jobs to help the company develop in the most comprehensive way but not so that I forget my responsibility towards our company to always make endless efforts for the common purpose of making our country a country comparable to the great powers of the five continents. So I have to try my best to have the best success for both the company and the country
  3. Trần Công Hoeesu

    Trần Công Hoeesu New Member

    Because I think the position is suitable for my current experience and with my current experience, it can definitely satisfy my superiors. With experience after years of working, I have learned knowledge that can work well in the company and can help colleagues who are facing some difficult problems at the company. I am sure that I will work effectively when applying for the position that the company is recruiting.
  4. Definitely hiring me is a right choice. I am an experienced person at work. I have good communication skills. Work proactively and quickly , absorb whatever is needed at work. And especially I am very enthusiastic about the job.
    I feel happy every time I work. I work proactively, so it's quick and very effective. I learn quickly at work and meet many requirements set out.
  5. I find that I have experience suitable to the position that the company recruits, I have a high sense of responsibility in work, proactively solve problems, seriously implement directive requirements. Give me a moment to prove it
  6. Vĩnh Kha

    Vĩnh Kha Member

    Hiring me is correct. Because I have many years of work experience, I have the ability to communicate quite well with people, have a very high spirit and responsibility at work, listen and learn from everyone.
  7. Because when you hire me, you will have a good maintenance and installation mechanic. I have all the requirements that your company needs such as my communication skills, experience, knowledge of electricity and my English is very well. My knowledge, creativity and experience will help your company develop better.
  8. I have more than 3 years of work experience. Fluent in English, as well as computers. I have the ability and enthusiasm as well as skills to work for your company. I won many awards for the company before in skill contests. I can withstand high pressure at work, good team work skills. I believe my ability will be of great help to your company. I hope you can give me the opportunity to prove my capabilities.
  9. Because I do not have the work experience required by the company, when I was in school many people said that I worked well, effectively and focused in work. If I get the job I can try to work effectively to contribute to the development of the company.
  10. Minh

    Minh Member

    Because I have acquired skills and experience, which I bring to your company. If you give me a chance, I'm sure I will work towards develop your company.
    I can work in a challenging environment with a high morale of hardship. I will try to work hard and help you grow the company.
    Võ Lê Minh
  11. Because I have the qualifications required by the company. I have a lot of experience working with electrical and I am responsible for my work, working with a high level of concentration. I will do my best to help the company grow
  12. Nhatm1nh

    Nhatm1nh Member

    I think my course is at Cao Thang teachnical college and with my 1 year internship experience is very suitable for the requirements of the company.
    I graduated with a good diploma, many companies want me to work for them, but getting into the company is now my goal. I will definitely make the company grow compared to my capabilities. I would be happy to be a part of the company.
  13. Because I think that position is completely suitable for my major and I am confident that I can fully meet the job conditions.
    The school that I study focuses on professionally and the work environment is very disciplined.I am a fresh graduate, i look like a blank sheet of paper that you can easily train it without erasing anything
    You should give me the chance, i will confirm my ability i will not let you down
  14. First, I looked at the job board of the company and I found that all the experiences and requirements that the company gave were right for me. Second, I am confident with my experience that I can help the company grow. I think you should give me a chance to try my job as well as see my work experience. I hope you will agree for the benefit of the company I will really try.
  15. Because I am very suitable for this job. I will bring benefits to the company.I have the knowledge and experience in the job. I will bring the potential for the company.Because I understand I will do it. What and what position myself.
  16. Because I think that position consistent with my current experience and I have a sense of responsibility and always strive to get the job done well. Whit this experience, I will strive to help the company grow quickly, I will learn and help my colleagues at the company is recruiting.
  17. You should hire me because I can help your company grow, I am proficient in electrical equipment, ability to handle situations and I am confident in my own ability.
  18. Since i have previous work experience, i think i will be suitable for this job. I have good teamwork skills, listen to others opinions, always be responsible at work and i will try to do well in the assigned work.
  19. Because I have met all the necessary requirements that the Sir/Madam makes. I have 3 years of experience studying at Cao Thang technical college, 1 month of internship with the position of a technician at ABC company and many other jobs. Ladies the Sir/Madam please consider me in this position. I am sure that I will do well in this position and more than that, bring the company growing to my capabilities.
  20. Lưu Quang Nhất CĐ DDT 18ĐE
    You should hire me because:
    -I have more than 2 years' working experience in this job and have experience with many similar jobs.With the assigned jobs, I always quickly give solutions to quickly solve the work quickly and with the right content.For my work, I will resolve the content quickly and properly, in addition I can help the people around and do more difficult jobs.I am very serious about my job, I work by devotion to your company, making the company develop outstandingly.

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